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Dear Partners, Supporters, Readers, Competitors...

Last week in our company passed in an atmosphere of incredible solidarity and responsibility for
the health of our employees, their families and Yours. Therefore, we decided to start working
remotely. Thanks to the commitment and responsibility of our employees, we have re-organized
the company quickly so that we can work and service all orders and deliveries as soon as
possible, and crucially - safely.

Bearing in mind the dynamically changing economic situation caused by the coronavirus
epidemic, we would like to inform you that we will have been working at home office mode for
the next week.

We would like to assure you that we minimize the risk, intensify our activities and despite of
many new and unexpected challenges, we act as planned and make efforts so that so that you
feel the situation the economy finds itself, as little as possible.

Please, take care of yourself and your loved relatives. Please take the action seriously:
#Stayathome - let it be such a time. Keep the possibility of contacts, infection and spread of the
virus to a minimum. Everything has its time and will come, what we strongly believe to.

- Please: Turn on #Stayathome
- Thank you: for cooperation and understanding
- We calm you down, the company operates under full control and there is no shortage of goods
- We invite you to contact - we are at your disposal all the time.

We wish you and your relatives, a lot of health, patience and peace for the coming time.

Spectrum LED team

<span style=color:red;>#</span><span style=color:#016234;>Stayathome</span>

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