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LUKKA GU10  The ground luminaire with IP67 protection class.
NYMPHEA CITY PRO Multifunctional luminaire with 5-years warranty.
IGNIS Fireproof luminaire for special tasks.
LIMEA GIGANT Nowa generacja opraw hermetycznych. Zobacz film !
NYMPHEA ECO 2 Now new power 28W!
CHLOE MINI GU10 What is the new CHLOE MINI?
CHLOE AR111 Who is CHLOE ?
VIGA 18W Now new power!
PARISIENNE 70 W What’s PARISienne famous for?
GIRLANDA 10M Garden garland for light sources with E-27 thread
MDR BRANTA LUX Professional LED luminaire in a new version.
MADARA MINI II Compact LED luminaire, mounted on a three-phase rail
NOCTIS LUX 2 The latest generation of floodlights
FLORI GU10 Garden luminaire for exchangeable sources GU10
BRANTA METALICA Exclusive metallized luminaires
SOLARA 2W LED Stwórz niepowtarzalny klimat w ogrodzie
LIMEA SLIM 2 Oprawa LED do systemowego łączenia w linie z IP66.
ALGINE LINE BLACK Created to anticipate trends in lighting.
GLS 18W PREMIUM Wireless furniture LED luminaire
ALGINE PRISMATIC Get a quick return on investment
CABINET ACCU BATT Wireless furniture LED luminaire
LIMEA MINI Hermetic luminaire with IP65 at a competitive price
DURE 2 Wytrzymała oprawa z IP44 do pomieszczeń o podwyższonej wilgotności
PASEK LED IP68 LED STRIP IP68. Completely waterproof.
MADARA AR111 PAR30 Luminaires for interchangeable LED light sources
NYMPHEA 2 LED Extremely flat ceiling
TECHNIC LAMP LED luminaire with high class!
NYMPHEA MINI High degree of protection IP65 and impact resistance IK08
LIMEA ECO 2 The latest generation compact hermetic luminaire.
TORRE GU10 Surface mounted for replacable GU10 light sources
G9 SILICON FROSTED A combination of energy efficiency and small size
CHLOE GU10 Create a unique, warm atmosphere
ALGINE UGR19 LED panel, UGR < 19. Cares about your eyesight and comfort of work.
KLARK 2 Professional, street and parking LED luminaire
MDR MINI GU10 Luminaires with replaceable light source LED mounted on the base
MDR PAVA Professional LED luminaire with adjustable optics of 15-60 °
G9 7W Energy-efficient and effective LED source
MR11 38 STOPNI LED source MR11 GU10 38°
GLS KOLOR 5W Light up space with colorful LED sources GLS 5W
GU10 MR16 38ST LED source 38° with a lens
GU10 10ST Unique GU10, beam angle 10°
CEILINE III The latest generation of downlight luminaires
FIALE IV LED spotlights with IP65
PESO Connection of track type with recessed luminaire.
PLATEO 2 The latest Highbay LED luminaire.
ALGINE LINE The latest LED luminaire. UGR<16. 5 years warranty
COG PREMIUM CLEAR The latest LED light source COG
COG RETRO SHINE The latest LED light source COG
COG PREMIUM WHITE The latest LED light source COG
GEMINA Subtle luminaire mounted on three-phase rail
ADONIS Lightest tilting LED luminaire eliminates light reflections.
PARISIENNE 30W The latest generation of LED park lamps
LIMEA LED TUBE Latest generation hermetic fittings
ALGINE LED LED panel 600x600. 5 year warranty
SQUALLA G9 Wall lamp wit replaceable LED source
RETROSHINE LED technology combined with a classic design
LYCAO2 The latest Highbay LED luminaire. It reaches up to 130lm/W
NOCTIS LED floodlight on busbars
ALD7 Asymmetric LED line luminaire
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