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FLORI GU10 Garden luminaire for exchangeable sources GU10
BRANTA METALICA Exclusive metallized luminaires
SOLARA 2W LED Stwórz niepowtarzalny klimat w ogrodzie
LIMEA SLIM 2 Oprawa LED do systemowego łączenia w linie z IP66.
ALGINE LINE BLACK Created to anticipate trends in lighting.
GLS 18W PREMIUM Wireless furniture LED luminaire
ALGINE PRISMATIC Get a quick return on investment
CABINET ACCU BATT Wireless furniture LED luminaire
LIMEA MINI Hermetic luminaire with IP65 at a competitive price
DURE 2 Wytrzymała oprawa z IP44 do pomieszczeń o podwyższonej wilgotności
PASEK LED IP68 LED STRIP IP68. Completely waterproof.
MADARA AR111 PAR30 Luminaires for interchangeable LED light sources
NYMPHEA ECO 2 Impact - resistant ceiling in 2 versions
NYMPHEA 2 LED Extremely flat ceiling
TECHNIC LAMP LED luminaire with high class!
NYMPHEA MINI High degree of protection IP65 and impact resistance IK08
LIMEA ECO 2 The latest generation compact hermetic luminaire.
TORRE GU10 Surface mounted for replacable GU10 light sources
G9 SILICON FROSTED A combination of energy efficiency and small size
CHLOE GU10 Create a unique, warm atmosphere
MDR BRANTA LUX Professional LED luminaire in a new version.
ALGINE UGR19 LED panel, UGR < 19. Cares about your eyesight and comfort of work.
KLARK 2 Professional, street and parking LED luminaire
MDR MINI GU10 Luminaires with replaceable light source LED mounted on the base
MDR PAVA Professional LED luminaire with adjustable optics of 15-60 °
G9 7W Energy-efficient and effective LED source
MR11 38 STOPNI LED source MR11 GU10 38°
GLS KOLOR 5W Light up space with colorful LED sources GLS 5W
GU10 MR16 38ST LED source 38° with a lens
GU10 10ST Unique GU10, beam angle 10°
CEILINE III The latest generation of downlight luminaires
FIALE IV LED spotlights with IP65
PESO Connection of track type with recessed luminaire.
PLATEO 2 The latest Highbay LED luminaire.
ALGINE LINE The latest LED luminaire. UGR<16. 5 years warranty
COG PREMIUM CLEAR The latest LED light source COG
COG PREMIUM WHITE The latest LED light source COG
COG RETRO SHINE The latest LED light source COG
ALLDAY 2 The new generation of Spectrum LED line luminaires
GEMINA Subtle luminaire mounted on three-phase rail
ADONIS Lightest tilting LED luminaire eliminates light reflections.
PARISIENNE 30W The latest generation of LED park lamps
ALGINE LED LED panel 600x600. 5 year warranty
LIMEA LED TUBE Latest generation hermetic fittings
SQUALLA G9 Wall lamp wit replaceable LED source
RETROSHINE LED technology combined with a classic design
LYCAO2 The latest Highbay LED luminaire. It reaches up to 130lm/W
NOCTIS LED floodlight on busbars
ALD7 Asymmetric LED line luminaire
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