Excellent, precise focus of light thanks to a specially designed lens and reflector.
Use the highest quality materials to guarantee reliability.
2-year warranty.
Beam angle
Narrow beam angle,
that will provide you with lighting that is important
to you.
presentationsee presentation 360°
parameterslet know the power of the latest LED sources
choose a source with an angle that fits your needs
10° 38° 120°
settingcreate the perfect accentuating setGU10 LED source + MDR Mini LED luminaire
Get the Madara Mini luminaire for the GU10 Spectrum LED source and enjoy reliable lighting.

With the tilt angle adjustment , you can illuminate selected elements according to changing needs.

Available in white or black . Soon the luminaire
is also available to ceiling base. See product

applicationget the details Perfect for point lighting: apartments, facades, galleries, museums, churches, exhibitions.
They enable precise orientation of the luminaire in the chosen direction to obtain local higher luminous intensity.
Bet on savings and adequate lighting.
Replace the light sources on the LED Spectrum.

We are constantly researching the quality
of the offered products in our own research laboratory in Katowice and we guarantee compliance declared light parameters.