reflector+ 20% higher efficiency
Special designed reflector covered with a 99% reflective layer made of pure silver. Thanks to the special protective layer, the reflectors are resistant to mechanical damage. Guaranteed immutable properties reflective throughout the life cycle.
The use of technology ensures a increase in the efficiency of the fitting to 20% .
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parametersa new version of the benefits
*available from July 2018
Efficacy: 100lm/W 120lm/W Beam angle: 24° / 36° / 60° 36° / 60° Maximum power:

27W series 3000
19,5W series 2000

Body colors: white / black white / black Housing: aluminum aluminum Dimension: ø 90 × 200 × 80mm ø 90 × 200 × 80mm See product cards See product cards
applicationminimalist design ideal for modern interiors The luminaires look great in shops, galleries, offices, museums, boutiques, apartments.

Our design specialists will offer solutions
adequate to your needs, so as to use the light there,
where it is needed to maximize the reduction
electricity bills at the same time
sensational lighting effects.