Connecting in lines
The luminaire has a specially designed system
for fast connection in lines.
Extremely efficient LED luminaire - luminous efficiency
up to 140lm/W.
It has a high degree
of protection against penetration of dust and water - IP66.
parametersNew possibilities: luminaire for systemic connection in lines
LIMEA SLIM 2 thanks to a specially designed connector has the ability to easily and very fast connection in lines
(up to 16 frames).
  1. End cap with gasket.
  2. Linear connector.
  3. Optional linear connector with power connection
    from the top.
power: 36W / 60W luminous flux: 5200lm / 8400lm efficency: 140lm/W beam angle: 120° dimension: 1700×65×67mm See products
assemblyone led luminaire has many possibilities
LIMEA SLIM2 surface or suspended mounting in the set there are special
2 movable mounting brackets
in the form of a latch, thanks to which
you can fix the binding
at any point on the ceiling
slings included
connector and end caps
additional option: power cable
(required to connect)
and a connector with a connection
investmentssave thanks to LIMEA SLIM 2
Connecting in lines:
the luminaire has a system of connecting lines and assembly elements in the set
- and as an additional option, thanks to which you can illuminate a given object with light lines using a through power supply (up to 16 luminaires).
140 lm/W – high luminous efficiency of the luminaire with 60W, so you can significantly reduce the number of luminaires in relation to traditional lighting or other luminaires available on the market.
thanks to the movable assembly hooks available in the set it is possible to adapt the assembly points to the installation conditions in a given facility.
5-year warranty, so you can enjoy reliable, high-quality lighting for a long time.
simple design, shiny milky cover and a flat profile of the fixture will make the illuminated space look very aesthetically
applicationparking lots, warehouse halls, industrial plants, car workshops

We constantly research the quality of our products
in our own research laboratory in Katowice and we guarantee reliability
of the declared lighting parameters.