with unique mounting bracket and accessories

advantagesfirst in the Spectrum LED offer the recessed track system 3F (phase)
  • The system is distinguished by a special mounting bracket that allows the track to be screwed tightly between gypsum boards, which greatly facilitates the installer work
  • The system has dedicated accessories that allow the insertion of power cables not only to feed-through and end feeds, but also to all other versions of connectors (type: T, L, cross, straight-through)
  • Recessed track system 3F enable to control 3 independent phases, which ensures their separate functioning
  • Tracks are available in the following versions:
    - 1m and 2m long
    - white and black
schemeselect the items you need
Draw the room from the top view
Draw the shape of the track from the power supply point. Choose the right or left side of the ground and stick to it throughout the project
Select the items you need in the scheme below
All connectors have space for connecting wires, so each can be a power connection - just remove the end cap
applicationmain and decorative lighting:
in apartments, houses: kitchens, living rooms, corridors, as well as in shops, boutiques, hotels, restaurants, cafes etc.