Reach for Spectrum LED and Spectrum SMART products with new label of energetic class.

What does not change:

The products remain efficient and friendly to us and the environment!

What kind of changes:

According to the new EU regulations, the plus signs will disappear from the energy efficiency scale, and the A to G range of letters known from 20 years ago returns in their place. This is to ensure greater legibility of the label for consumers.

Each of the new labels will have a QR code which, after scanning, redirects to the website where you can find information for a given model. Automatically generated electronic labels and product sheets will also be available there.

Eliminating the pluses signs on the label means rescaling. What changes is the perception of luminous flux and power and the method of calculating the efficiency classes. Therefore, products that have been so far in the highest A ++ and A + class can go to lower classes - depending on their direction and power.

Our new packaging of LED sources and luminaires:

New energy label on the back of the packaging

marking of color temperature, voltage and socket, marking of the new energy class, alue of the useful flux, marking of color temperature, voltage and power, marking of the luminous flux in the luminaire, the so-called useful flux are on the fornt of the packaging.

Since when:

A new UE directive 2019/2015 concerning the energetic labeling of LED sources came into life on September 1st, 2021. It was aimed at replacing the existing energy tables with new ones. In the nearest future the deadline for replacing old labels will expire, and products with the new labels appear on store shelves.