Reach for Spectrum LED and Spectrum SMART products with a new class label today.

Since when:

Rescaled effective classes will appear on the packaging and on the website since September 1st, 2021. However, for a period of 18 months (i.e. until March 2023) there can be available products with the current class label – it includes the led sources and luminaires brought into sale before September 1st ,2021. After this date a new EEI table should be applied on the packaging.

What kind of changes:

According to the new EU regulations, the plus signs will disappear from the energy efficiency scale, and in their place the A to G range of letters known from 20 years ago returns. This is to ensure greater legibility of the label for consumers.

valid until August 31, 2021*

The separate table templates for integrated luminaires
and light sources

valid from September 1, 2021

Homogeneous table pattern

*until March 2023, it may be available on the packaging of products put on sale by September 1, 2021.

What does it mean:

Eliminating the pluses signs on the label means rescaling. What is changing is the perception of luminous flux and power and the method of calculating the efficiency classes. Therefore, products that have been so far in the highest A ++ class can go to class B or lower, and those from class A even to class G - depending on directivity and power. There is no one fixed rule that determines the result of changing a letter after scaling.


A QR code has been applied to a new energy label. It will help to get the additional information of a product by a smartphone and gain access to the new EPREL base.

Each of the new labels will have a QR code, which, after scanning, will redirect you to a dedicated website with consumer information for a given model. Automatically generated electronic labels and product sheets will also be available here.

What does not change:

The products remain just as efficient
and friendly to us and to the environment!
And even more efficient the it used to be!